How Do You Download the App?

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What's with the flashing light on the cane handle?

Glad you asked. On the smart cane handle is a small LED light. It flashes green, red or blue. It glows green when your  cane is fully charged while plugged in.  It flashes red when the cane is either not connected to your cane, or is solid red when it's being charged. You'll see a flashing blue light when the cane is connected to your smart phone. 

To see if your battery is low, check the mobile app.  Also, if the cane is charging but not connected to your smart phone, it will glow green with intermittent flashes of red, this is normal. 

Is the SmartCane™ easy to use?

Yes, super easy.  (Everything you need to know will be in How-to Videos very soon.) When you first get your iStand SmartCane™, you'll open the app with the cane near you. The app automatically connects to the cane (just click OK). Fill out your profile (including a photo). All your friends and family should also download the app, and you can add as many loved ones as you wish.

We will be uploading some How-To Videos very soon.

Is there a Subscription?

No! There is no ongoing cost whatsoever for any of the amazing things iStand will do for you. (Great, isn't it? Tell your friends!)

What if my companion and I both have an iStand SmartCane™? How does the cane know who's who?

Great question!  There is no on/off switch on the cane. So, if two people get a cane on the same day (like Christmas) the mobile app will look for the first cane it can find. And you want that cane to be Yours. So, make sure your cane is the closest to your smart phone. If you connect to the wrong cane,  you can click the "Forget Cane" Button on your Profile Page and start again. Once you have connected to your cane, the other user is safe to connect to theirs.  Each user will stay connected to the first cane they encounter and the two shall never quarrel. 

If you have trouble, just send us a note. We'll sort it out for you. 

*Hard shut-down:  To fully shut down a mobile app, for iPhone X you swipe up from the bottom of the phone and hold for a bit, then tap on the app window and click the "-" to close the app.  For other iPhones, you double tap the home button quickly, then swipe up on each app window. 

What does iStandCare cover?

iStandCare is our insurance program for the SmartCane™.  It covers accidental damage or malfunction to the cane. If any harm comes to your dear iStand, send us a note through the website, and we will send you a return label. Depending on the damage, your cane may be repaired and returned to you at no cost, or you may get an entirely new cane at no cost.  Repair or replacement, no questions, that's iStandCare. (iStandCare does not cover loss.)

How is iStand Different?

How is this cane flexible?

iStand has a spring in the shaft to give the user firm yet flexible comfort for upper body joints like shoulder, elbow, and wrist. It reduces repetitive injury and makes each step a little easier. 

This cane is like nothing I've ever seen, what's it made of?

iStand is not only cutting edge design with a modern, fashion-forward style, but its construction and quality is state-of-the-art. There are no sharp edges on iStand, its organic and inviting shape was designed to feel like a natural extension of the user.

Is iStand a stand-alone cane?

Yes, iStand has a tough rubber pad, and no-trip stand alone base. The high-gloss finish and rounded edges reduce the risk of clothing getting caught up as well.

Do I need the silicone handle cover?

No, but the handle cover was designed for a two-fold effect. It gives the user extra cushion, and it protects the handle from scuffs when you accidentally drop the cane.  

What is a Universal Smart Phone Lanyard?

Every SmartCane™ comes with one. It's a handy way to keep your phone with you at all times. The lanyard will fit around any phone, has a card pocket, and you just slip it around your neck like a necklace. Super handy if you don't have pockets or frequently leave your phone behind.

Does iStand come in a Foldable Option?

Not yet, but we're working on it! And you're gonna love that one too, great for air travel or restaurants. 

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