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Classic Cane vs. Smart Cane

What's the Difference?

iStand Mobile App Smart Cane

Both Classic Cane and Smart Cane have  a flexible shaft and sleek design. But the Smart Cane is, well, Smart!  The mobile app keeps you connected to your cane, and to loved ones with No Subscription.

It's So Easy

Your cane and app connect automatically.  (Alerts are sent when your cane and smart phone are more than 75 feet from each other.)

Find My Cane™

Never lose your cane again.  The location is always in the map for you and your loved ones to see. 

Loved Ones Galore

Once you and your friends and family have downloaded the app, there's no limit to the number of loved ones you can add.  There's safety in numbers.

Group Hug

Our group texting feature in the app has a couple of pre-populated texts for convenience. Or you can type your own. 


Just in case, there's an emergency button in the app.  You can go straight to 911, or go to Group Hug for an urgent pre-populated message to loved ones.

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