Author: Mazy Holiday

Creator of the iStand Line of Smart Walking Canes Furthers Mission to Reduce Falls

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Birmingham, AL – March 13, 2018 – WhatBox Inc., a consumer product design company and parent company of iStand smart walking canes, announced today the formation of the iStand Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization, by its Founder and CEO, Mazy Holiday. The iStand Foundation’s mission

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Necessity drives invention?

. . . used to be the case. Now it seems money drives invention.

Sounding a bit pessimistic aren’t I?  Yes, I really like the convenience of my phone and I do need it for business. Would I need it if I was not in business? Probably not. But, I would like the convenience it affords me and the time it seems to save on menial tasks which allows me to do things I deem more important. Like Netflix.

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Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a hilarious comedy on Netflix staring the (in)famous Jane Fonda and the great Lily Tomlin. The show is simply marvelous, and sports a modern theme with great writing. (Spoiler Alert) The two in their ageless “70’s” create a great product for seniors and a budding start-up. Grace, not new to start-ups

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The SmartWalk “Opus”

I recently ran across the original pencil drawings I did of what is now the iStand cane.  As is with all creations, the end product is (usually) very different form its original inception.  The design of the cane is strikingly similar to the final product which is strange, but even stranger was my realization that

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Getting the older generation to use gadgets isn’t as hard as you think.

  1. Show, don’t tell.

A speech about how important it is for them to have a cell phone so they can call you if they’re sick or hurt may not do the trick. Instead, when you’re visiting, show them how to swipe to see an old family photo. Play a short online game with them. Have a grandchild text a picture. You know what is likely to

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4 Proven Ways to Prevent Falls

Look, kids, this is it. It’s not going anywhere . . . still the best ways to prevent falls in your later years. If you really want to dramatically reduce the risk of a fall (by as much as 50%) these are our Top 4 List.  Write them down, copy/paste, share, memorize, whatever you have to do, do it.  We all want you around for as long as you can stand it (no pun intended).

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We Did Not Meet #RobLowe

Our SmartWalk team was lucky enough to be invited to be part of the Informed Series on PBS, hosted by Rob Lowe. Of course at first we thought immediately he would be at the shoot. But, we quickly realized he does not have a lot of free time to meet gushing fans, or us. He is also doing some new

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