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SmartWalk™ - Redefining Senior Safety using Social Media Notifications

About Us

The revolutionary iStand Cane, created by product inventor Mazy Holiday, was founded on the idea that style and grace are a right, and never have to be sacrificed. Mazy sought to infuse the superior functionality of iStand with the unmatched design taste of Italy's best. Educated in Sculpture at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Mazy has a keen eye for design and a passion for solving the worlds problems. 

Inspired by her own bout with Chronic Arthritis and Fatigue, which found Mazy walking on a cane for a time, she created 3 Models of The iStand Cane: The iStand Cane, iStand+, and iStand Ultimate.

About The Canes

The iStand Cane

The iStand Cane is not only flash and good looks. Through it's one of a kind design, The iStand Technology also requires less physical exertion from the shoulder, wrist, back, hip and leg when in use. 

The true genius behind The iStand Cane is it's ability to unite families and empower seniors with new confidence and peace of mind. The iStand Cane closes frustrating communications gaps and heightens minute to minute visibility for care takers and concerned family members. You will rest easier when you have the reliability of the iStand Suite of Canes working on your behalf.

The iStand Cane comes with a flexible shaft for joint relief and a state-of-the-art, fashion-forward design. Light weight, stand-alone and easy to use, look as good as you feel with the iStand Walking Cane.

iStand+with FindMyCane

iStand+ with FindMyCane™ is the same beautifully designed iStand cane with a GPS tracker, no subscription required. All auto alerts are sent to caregivers through Facebook. Download the free FindMyCane™ mobile app and rest easy when you’ve left it behind at the market or at the hair salon.  Invite your Facebook family and friends through our app, those that accept will receive your safety alerts. The FineMyCane™ app should also be downloaded by caregivers (family, friends, neighbors) who get your “lost cane” alerts so they can make sure you’re safe. The app also alerts you and caregivers to a low battery so you always have your cane running at full capacity. Keep your smart phone with you at all times with our universal smartphone lanyard, free with every cane.

iStand Ultimate

The iStandUltimate cane comes with SmartWalk™, automated and easy-to-use patented technology that makes iStand like no other safety device on the market. All alerts to caregivers (family, friends, neighbors) are sent through Facebook. Ultimate is offered with or without a subscription*.

Features and benefits are (cane must be connected to smart phone via Bluetooth):

  • Voice activation "Hey iStand, I need help!"
  • Alzheimer'sAlerts™ - Automatic alerts sent to all caregivers when iStand detects a geo-fence breach. Voice Safety Check, "Ms. Jones, you have left your radius, do you need assistance?"
  • Fall Detection with Voice Safety Check. "Ms. Jones, I've detected a fall. Do you need assistance?"
  • FindMyCane™ with auto alerts to caregivers and mobile alerts to user when cane and smart phone lose connectivity.
  • GPS location - See where your cane is at all times
  • Low-battery alerts to caregivers and user
  • Heart rate and body temperature monitored and saved in your mobile app dashboard. Voice Safety Checks and alerts sent when these metrics are abnormal.
  • Steps counted when using the iStand cane. Stay active and healthy by tracking your activity.



Mazy Holiday


Mazy builds ideas, and, drinks coffee.

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Tami does things, then, she does everything else.

Mario Bono

Mario sells things, and, plays poker.

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Tony does math, and, watches sports.



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