Necessity drives invention?

. . . used to be the case. Now it seems money drives invention.

Sounding a bit pessimistic aren’t I?  Yes, I really like the convenience of my phone and I do need it for business. Would I need it if I was not in business? Probably not. But, I would like the convenience it affords me and the time it seems to save on menial tasks which allows me to do things I deem more important. Like Netflix.

I only recently have learned what relaxation is and how to do it properly. I used to think I always needed to be doing something in order to be productive. That is not, or even close, to the case.  Might be a girl thing, I don’t know. There is always something to do, that is true. But you don’t have to do it right now. Lesson learned by actually letting the laundry basket get full and leaving the dishes in the sink overnight.  The world did not end as previously expected.

But I digress. All the amenities that aren’t really needed, but are super fun, have taken over invention. Not only do you need a smart phone, but you need that nifty, well-designed holder. And the ear buds. And, the extra chargers for bedroom, kitchen, living room, travel (oh no,  you might have to get up and walk into another room, oh the humanity). And the case, screen cover, shiny bobble that hangs off serving no purpose, the “tech” case for extra protection, the microfiber cloth, possibly a keyboard, you get the picture. (Like 3 examples ago, thanks.)

Defining want and necessity can save lots of money (for retirement) and force you to define priorities, something tragically lacking in today’s society.  For example, 100 years ago people did not cut the brown spots off their fruit.  They just ate it. The other day I heard a friend ask her 9 year old daughter if she wanted a snack . . . of olives and cheese. (Yes, that really happened.)  This, by the way, is how Rome began, and we all know how that turned out. The black mark your plumber accidentally left on your newly painted wall: not important. Having walls: important. Wearing expensive clothes: not important.  Wearing clothes: very important.  Again, you see where I’m going with this. (Yes, we get it. Thanks, Mom.)

The real innovation going on is the effort to increase our safety and better our health.  Through advances in medicine and diet, we are living longer. We get more time with our loved ones and friends, what would life be without those little buggers. We love the longevity we are experiencing in this century and why not? “We have the technology” ~ Oscar Goldman. (They don’t know who that is.) Why not build things that make you safer, and maybe even save a life? The key to this, we believe here at iStand, is to build it but make it actually affordable and sustainable.  We’re going to be around for a while until mother nature deems otherwise (the dinosaurs!), so choose wisely – latte or organic apple, cable sports package or mutual fund, we live once. (I think.)

Long ago, we left things we wanted just for our Christmas list. If we actually implemented that lifestyle, the stock market may fall a bit and some stores would close. But what would happen to you and how your life lays out before you?  I doubt we will ever find out . . . until we do.  (Is she talking about Zombies?)  Just kidding. Everything’s fine.

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