Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a hilarious comedy on Netflix staring the (in)famous Jane Fonda and the great Lily Tomlin. The show is simply marvelous, and sports a modern theme with great writing. (Spoiler Alert) The two in their ageless “70’s” create a great product for seniors and a budding start-up. Grace, not new to start-ups recently retired from her own company of women’s products (hair color, make up, etc). But Frankie, an unfocused free-spirited hippie, has never worked a day in her life save a few painting; the words target market and web traffic are things she had to memorize from Google.

Nonetheless, the product itself is fantastic and yet the first problem they encountered was marketing, broaching a delicate subject (like masturbation) to the greatest generation. Said generation isn’t known for the most prolific use of technology . . . yet. BUT, 11 million seniors have or can use an iPad, 12.3 million have a SmartPhone, and 62% of all seniors use Facebook. I don’t, thankfully, have the statistics on seniors who use vibrators (your welcome). To be fair, the iPhone is only 11 years old, and even I did not buy one until 4 years after it came out. So those who were 70, and are now 80, predictably do not have a SmartPhone. But, it won’t be long before the rest of us will catch up to 60, 65, 70 and we will need special products just for our age group and a SmartPhone paired with all our gadgets will be like the TV remote, completely necessary.

Yes, Grace and Frankie did use a focus group that was unknowingly also a church prayer group, and unrealistically they got 5000 pre-orders from one website article, but more realistically even though you’re over 65 doesn’t mean you’ve stopped living. It might mean you’re doing what you used to do 20 years ago less frequently (that can be said of anyone at any age), but you still have places to go and people to see. Speaking of realism, in one episode both ended up on the floor all day when their backs went out, so Frankie’s son gave them both the dreaded “Pendant” with the ugly red button, and neither of them wore it. Jane smashed hers with her shoe, and Lily tied hers to the rear view mirror in her car.
Let’s face it. People are more fashionable, more educated, more alive now than ever before. And we’re not wearing a bloody-ugly pendant! We might wear a nice necklace though . . . Grace and Frankie is highly recommended, there are three seasons so you can binge watch some weekend soon, I hope.

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