We Did Not Meet #RobLowe

Our SmartWalk team was lucky enough to be invited to be part of the Informed Series on PBS, hosted by Rob Lowe. Of course at first we thought immediately he would be at the shoot. But, we quickly realized he does not have a lot of free time to meet gushing fans, or us. He is also doing some new ghost hunter show with his sons, and that looks super fun.  No matter, he’s happily married anyhow ladies. Oh snap!

We had a great time with our impromptu cane testers and cane users, Paul and Ellen. We were not surprised to find that Paul had fallen twice recently and although he did not break any bones, he did sustain some minor injuries. Luckily, he had his smartphone with him and called his wife to initiate a rescue mission. They were both thrilled about the walking cane and hope to give his entire retirement community the gift of knowledge about our latest technology. The cane will come with a smart phone lanyard to keep your cane and phone close together, and it will come with a wrist loop for those graceless types (like me) who frequently drop things. Like, a lot.

Sharing is the best way to communicate new ideas, technology, and vital information that can help others. Share iStand canes and iStand Falls Prevention with your friends, family, and community. We will reduce falls, and we will do it together.

Photo Credit: https://www.thedailybeast.com/rob-lowe-dont-hate-me-because-im-beautiful

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