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Is this cane safer than other canes?
  • The base is designed to reduce tripping and stumbling by using a smaller footprint
  • We used smoother materials for the base reducing the risk of shoes and clothing tripping you up.
  • The base, unlike others, does not pivot providing the user with a more stable product.
  • This cane can reduce repetitive injury to joints with subtle movement in the cane shaft providing flexible joint comfort for the user.
Use the accompanying wrist loop and universal phone lanyard to increase your level of safety wherever you go.
How does this product integrate with Social Media?

The iStand mobile app allows you to invite as many Facebook friends, family and neighbors to your alerts as you wish. Once they have accepted your request, the rest is automated. The cane will send any safety or low-battery alerts to users automatically both through Facebook and text messaging. You can cancel these alerts if needed, or you can send a group text to your network saying you need help, or you're okay.



Claims for iStand cane are based on medical opinion and user experience and not on clinical studies.

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