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Is this cane safer than other canes?
  • By using a smaller footprint than most canes, we can reduce tripping.
  • The base is designed with smooth materials and not start edges reducing the risk of shoes and clothing getting caught up.
  • The base, unlike others, does not pivot providing the user with a more stable connection to the ground.
  • We can reduce repetitive injury to joints with subtle movement in the shaft providing a firm yet flexible experience for the user.
Use the accompanying wrist loop and universal phone lanyard to increase your level of safety wherever you go.
How does the smart cane send alerts free?

The iStandPLUS cane connects to the mobile app. Once the cane and your smartphone have lost connection, you and your loved ones receive an alert either through texting or through a Facebook notification. This keeps the smart cane subscription free, and allows the user to have an unlimited number of loved ones keeping you safe. The mobile app also has a Panic Button.



Claims for iStand cane are based on medical opinion and user experience and not on clinical studies.

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